At Pixels Productions photography is everything – we create the best memories through pictures – family events or business

Family Portraits

Family 1

Family trees are lovely perspectives to keep family bonding and the best way to keep the family tree well captured with memories are of course with great photo shoots – at Pixels we do family portraits – single photo shoots and groups – birthdays, weddings, christenings, baby showers, engagements, naming ceremony and much more – we dwell on the artistic approach capturing the moments with all the emotions – every detail is considered


Business Portraits

The business equations today are many – family businesses, multinationals and local corporations or government establishments – the moments are all important – employee well-being, happiness, tolerance, business meets, people moments, staff achievements, gala dinners, press conferences, client achievements, corporate events, CSR moments – we love to see that your celebrations are captured in all its detail


For Family Portraits and Business Portraits to be realized to its best the following guidelines will be extremely useful and very handy when you are ready for our service

We will need to take a proper equipment to capture the exact brief of your request.

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production

The guidelines to use our services for portrait sessions

  1. Address and Date along with the venue details
  2. Start and end date for the session
  3. Delivery time of the photo shoot images
  4. What style ( person, groups, exterior, interiors etc)
  5. What results ( number of photos)
  6. Budget or best services

Once we fully understand your location, we are ready to advise further.


Styles or types of portrait sessions which you may choose from are as follows :

Portraits on location
– indoor or outdoors, office, city or close to office
Portrait on natural background
– office, wall, exterior background
Portrait on artificial background
– usually black or whilte
Portrait on ambient light
– sunny or interiors available lighting
Portrait on set up lighting
– flashes, video, lights, reflex boards
Individual or group portraits
– individuals or any teams
Executive look
– serious just as it sounds – certainly formal
Regal look ( for heads of state)
– in the whole decorum
Just Natural Portrait
– whatever happens, you like it real and natural – action if that be the case

Poetic Artistic Portrait – more creative portraits

Combine what best suits your requirements – time needed for production depends on number of person and requested creativity – from 10s of minutes to hours

More time in production means less time in post-production – which means better results and better pricing

Also to be considered

Equivalent for portraits still pictures might be personal interview in motion pictures, one person or group of persons. There we see the same principles like in photography. Set up of the scene for motion pictures is more challenging. Over all process of production is different as audio takes a part and calm location is a must

Do you need a documentary story with still photography?

Think of the storyboard of still pictures which suits you the most and let us know the goals – this will help us to conceptualize the storyboard when we do the photo shoot. Still photography can be an effective image story board and can be a very effective visual documented created by ‘story telling’ pictures


Editing and any post-processes are inevitable part of any production for event photography or video. Editorial or Journalistic photos may have different post-processes depending on your actual requests so may not be fully finished by us.
This part is most demanding for time, especially video, so it takes more time the production. May takes days or weeks.

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