Wedding photography is my liberation and fantasy world – it exuberates and gives me my visual freedom and creative freedom – all released through the camera lens

As the clicks sound so does my creative instincts find its release – all in the form of images from the vitality of life which is seen at every wedding – the mix of cultures, the grandeur of venue, the flower creations, the bridal trousseau, the bridegroom and his moments, the awaiting moments, the laughter of the guests, the cuisine in its finest, champagne and the cake ( many layers or just a single tower) – the whole celebration is certainly an impressive energy ball

The moments which if missed is never captured again – so its my intense hours of my camera and me with the audience at hand being my storyboard where I click and make it their reality

Would you like your wedding moments to be a reality? Its PIXELS then – refer us to your friends and family

PIXELS love wedding moments and wedding photography – the world of wedding is everything to us


“Their moments I capture – my camera loves it all – the emotions – the grandeur – the cultural drama”  – Faisal Hami

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