An in-depth insight of a valuable pictorial storyboard – allow me to take you through the experience of what I do as a Food Photographer’, says Amreen Khan

‘An inspiring take home – just 30% of visibility can reveal a reliable number count of footprints in your rustic, elegant, homely, niche, quaint, traditional, trendy foodie outlet – lets’ get started – call me for a pictorial storyboard for many visibility impressions’  – Amreen


‘In 2009 I took a professional leap into food photography exposing my creativity and passion for my  long-term love for artistic food photography for the benefit of restaurant owners who with their aspired inspirations have created their own dining outlets hoping the footprints which make their day which includes enjoying their creative choice of menu displayed, the ambiance, the service, the hospitality and the whole energy


‘The photography path which I choose to bring the diners of each of the restaurants is artistic photography with blends of history or creativity or touch of an era gone by – all towards drawing the customers imagination and desire towards dining at the desired outlet – the aspirations of different cuisines, dwelling in erstwhile historical time zones which are today a passionate trend of many a food writer, media icons, personalities and diners who make informed choices of where they need to dine or which menu is needed for the moment – would just have their needed information at the click of an online button


‘I weigh the storyboard which every restaurateur wants me to create for him or her and study the angles to showcase the best projections. My creative and passionate goal to picture my client’s visual storyboard through the lens of my camera has contributed to me learning to develop a 10-point rule book where I capture the mood of my picture storyboard as narrated to me by my definite unique approach spelling  well-defined artistic food photography expertise, creating the footfall of aspirant  diners for restaurants in the United Arab Emirates


‘Its 10 years of contribution to restaurants in the United Arab Emirates  with a wishful strategy of ‘let these restaurants be seen, let diners know about them’ – I love to offer creative styling to my food photography leaving the most impressionable visualization of the food images which I create and certainly a return on investment to the restaurant owners even as diners get drawn to the  menu creations and decide to dine in


Says Amreen, ‘Whether you are looking for a contemporary work of art or creating brand awareness of your boutique restaurant or looking to attract customers with your unique menus being created as inspirational photography in your restaurant menu, I always believe in a seamless balance between creativity to draw diners and maximize their footprints to my clients’ restaurant

Why Create Your Brand Vision With Professional Photography and what is my approach?


Considering that a brand is more than a logo, color palette, and a website, I  have personalized the brand vision as an experience – creating impressions with my clients’ select visuals, prospecting to fully immerse my clients’  diners within the storyboard and including them in my clients’ brand journey – everyone loves to be part of any story board and it is even more exciting to be involved in a food story board


So how does the preparation start ? ‘An initial meeting is set up to evaluate the need of the restaurateur and to really understand every restaurateur’s overall vision.


‘I love to meticulously capture your unique blend of magic with high quality imagery to bring your brand to life.


‘Personally, its simply a great giving to blend with my client’s  Return on Investment goals to build awareness among diners with visually appealing, engaging and even thought-provoking photography.


A significant piece of advise from Amreen, ‘Professional photography is certainly one of the best ways to establish a brand. Visual consistency at every brand touch point to engage your audience, is integral so they recognize and fully relish their food experience

Professional photography is one of the best ways to establish a brand

Says Amreen, ‘Most importantly is consistency in the color palette, the tone, and the visuals which tie back to your brand vision. The way you style, and the impressive story you tell with images should be the key delivery of a foodie photographer’s visual strategy.

When you use your brand, and market it to consumers to help create awareness, this is not only for the buying public to recognize or feel themselves familiar with the product, but also to establish a standard and reputation that will become synonymous with your company identity

To assist your brand,  to reach its target audience in the market -place, both offline and online, one of the best ways of achieving this is by hiring the services of a professional photographer and this is an essential branding investment.’

A sincere advise – stock imagery will not be able to deliver the message your customer understands

‘A professional photographer will have the technical knowledge, creativity and professionalism coupled with high-technology cameras that carry a distinct style, composition and visual appeal’, Amreen emphasizes

Identify where the photos will be used – Only a Stellar Photographer can add such value

Says Amreen, ‘this will help out the exact shots required which will provide a range of content that remains cohesive and within your current brand style. This is also important to ensure the finished imagery fits within the specifications of various platforms. These may be either online or office – such as menus or billboards or within the online world such as Instagram and face book. The finished result of where you would like your brand photos will dictate the type of shots required and my camera equipment and skill based enthusiasm loves to give my clients their needed satisfaction for their brand to be effectively seen on billboards, social media channels, website, menus, marketing materials, news features, blogs etc – personally I have allowed my clients to dictate their storyboard so I can showcase my creativity at its best, fulfilling client objectives and goals – from an inspirational mood board to re-branding thought portfolio to new media aspirations of photography are all my professional deliverable to every client and I look forward to hear your aspirations to create your foodie photography marketing and visibility creations – functional or lifestyle shots – all with a first impression insight – I love the many creations of light through my camera lens and that remains my forte for the many food photography I intend to do and that which I have already captured over the last 10 years. Even as the camera goes back to my first professional entry 10 years ago, my camera continues to surprise me as my creative instincts match the need of my client through the camera lens and artistic food creations which my mind and soul inspires me to do

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